Research and development

Within our organisation we are committed to development which stands at the very beginning of our core business. The developments are aimed at improving our existing products and processes as well as the development of entirely new products and processes.

Through developing new products and processes we are able to offer our customers improved or new solutions for the surgery room. Innovation is not the sole responsibility of R&D but takes place throughout the whole organisation and also involves our partners.

We have a professionally equipped laboratory, including a lab-scale reactor, which enables us to develop and conduct research into new products, adhesives and processes. We have engineers with experience in the medical industry and technical knowhow on staff and utilise the expertise of various medical specialists, doctors and professors.

Our laboratory also disposes of tools and equipment to reproduce a sterilization. We can perform all kind of tests to analyse any type of irregularity a customer might encounter in their production. For us it is a win-win situation to help our customers to overcome difficulties and to learn from our laboratory test results.


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