Medical Strips

Intended use
An OP-strip is intended to be applied to disposable surgical drapes and to the patient’s skin during surgery.

Product descriptionAn OP-strip is a single-coated non-woven with 2 finger lifts of 15mm each. The non-woven is blue, waterrepellent and lint-free. The non-woven is coated with a uniform polymer adhesive layer. The adhesive is disinfectant-resistant and pressure and temperature sensitive.


  • During surgery, OP-Strips are unaffected by body fluids and other fluids used during surgery.
  • The non-woven is water-repellent and lint-free.
  • OP-Strips are not adversely affected by sterilization.
  • OP-Strips are biocompatible.
  • Custom dimensions are available on request.


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Product nameProduct code ElasticitySkin side adhesive strengthDrape side adhesive strength
OP-Strip S300 OP-Strip S300*******
OP-Strip S305 OP-Strip S305*******
OP-Strip S315 OP-Strip S315*******
OP-Strip S306 OP-Strip S306********

*** high ** medium * low

1. Carrier         
2. Adhesive         
3. Release liner


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