Finger cots

Intended use
TUR inserts are intended to be used for applying surgical drapes for TUR-surgery (transurethral resection) or surgery of the prostate or the bladder. The inserts can easily be taped over a tailored contour in the drape. This allows protection of the patient and it creates a sterile and hygienic operating environment.

Product description
TUR inserts are latex free finger cots provided with or without OP-Tape. The finger cots are tear resistant, suitable for sterilization and they return to their original state after stretching.


  • Makes it possible to protect the patient with a single drape.
  • The inserts are 100% latex free.
  • The inserts are not adversely affected by sterilization.
  • The inserts return to their original state after stretching.
  • The inserts are biocompatible.


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Product nameProduct code DimensionsType
Med/TUR03 E10 LF / taped Med/TUR03 E10 LF / taped10cm x 10cm | finger cot | tapedSquared surface
Med/TUR03 E10 LF / no tape Med/TUR03 E10 LF / no tape10cm x 10cm | finger cot | no tapeSquared surface
Med/TUR03 E05 LF / taped Med/TUR03 E05 LF / tapedØ5cm x 6cm | finger cot | tapedRound surface
Med/TUR03 E05 LF / no tape Med/TUR03 E05 LF / no tapeØ5cm x 6cm | finger cot | no tapeRound surface


1. Finger cot         
2. Adhesive         
3. Release liner


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