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Intended use
OP-Film is intended for covering and protecting the surgical area to maintain sterility, and to be applied on the skin for skin protection.

Product description
OP-Film is a transparent polyethylene film single coated with a pressure and temperature sensitive adhesive. OP-Film is resistant to water, body fluids, detergents and alcohol. OP-Film is supplied with a white release liner and a blue finger lift. The construction is provided with a perforation line to easily remove the finger lift.


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Product name Product code Color Dimensions Appliance Type Elasticity Skin side adhesive strength Carrier Drape side adhesive strength Solubility of the tape construction MVTR (1)
OP-Film S232 ** Polyurethane carrier *
OP-Film S242 ** Polyethylene carrier N/A
OP-Film S252 (ANTIMICROBIAL) * Polyurethane carrier ***
OP-Film S262 * Polyethylene carrier N/A
OP-Film S272 * Polyurethane carrier ***

*** high ** medium * low

Available options

Finger lift:


                 Without finger lift                          With blue or transparent finger lift             PE support layer with finger lift

Release liner:

               Printable with logo                                                                                          




                        On roll                                   Precut sheets, with or without fenestration                         Prefolded