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SoFilmPlus (sterile)

SoFilmPlus (sterile)

Intended use
SoFilmPlus is intended to be applied on the patient’s skin for covering and protecting during surgical interventions with an antimicrobial effect.

Antimicrobial effect
SoFilmPlus grants a constant antibacterial and antimicrobial protection during the whole duration of the operation.

Product description
SoFilmPlus is a transparent polyurethane adhesive coated surgical film with an antimicrobial effect. The product is sterile and disposable.

SoFilmPlus is a medical device and a CE mark is placed on the products’ packaging. A declaration of conformity of the manufacturer that the product meets all of the requirements of the Medical Devices Directive (MDD 93/42/EEC) is available upon request.

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Product code Product name Color Dimensions Appliance Type Elasticity Skin side adhesive strength Carrier Drape side adhesive strength Solubility of the tape construction MVTR (1) Pieces per inner box Pieces per outer box
306001GGZSME SoFilmPlus F252 20cm x 25cm | 2x 2,5cm FL | folded | sterile | antimicrobial
306003GGZSME SoFilmPlus F252 35cm x 50cm | 2x 5cm FL | folded | sterile | antimicrobial
306004GGZSME SoFilmPlus F252 45cm x 50cm | 2x 5cm FL | folded | sterile | antimicrobial
306005GGZSME SoFilmPlus F252 45cm x 65cm | 2x 5cm FL | folded | sterile | antimicrobial
306006GGZSME SoFilmPlus F252 60cm x 65cm | 2x 5cm FL | folded | sterile | antimicrobial
306011GGZSME SoFilmPlus F252 85cm x 65cm | 2x 5cm FL | folded | sterile | antimicrobial
306007GGZSME SoFilmPlus F252 65cm x 95cm | 2x 5cm FL | folded | sterile | antimicrobial

Custom dimensions and versions are available on request.

Primary packaging containing the product
SoFilmPlus is packed in a medical grade sterile barrier pouch to prevent recontamination of the product after sterilization. It provides an effective microbial barrier The pouch maintains sterility during storage and transport.

Secondary packaging (inner box)
10 pouches are packed in a carton inner box used to facilitate proper storage and internal transport to the user.

Transport packaging (outer box)
Either 4 or 10 carton inner boxes are packed in a carton outer box for external transporting of sterile goods in their primary and secondary packaging.