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Intended use
OP-Tape is intended to be used for applying surgical drapes to the patient’s skin in order to create a sterile and hygienic operating environment.

Product description
OP-Tape is a double sided tape consisting of a thin polyester carrier, both sides of which are coated with a uniform polymer adhesive layer. The adhesives are pressure and temperature sensitive.



Our products do not contain any of the substances of Very High concern (SVHC) as mentioned on the Candidate List of Substances of Very High concern of the REACH Regulations.

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Product name Product code Color Dimensions Appliance Type Elasticity Skin side adhesive strength Skin side adhesive solubility Carrier Solubility Drape side adhesive strength Drape side adhesive solubility Solubility of the tape construction MVTR
OP-Tape S050 (ANTIMICROBIAL) Low PET carrier High
OP-Tape S060 High PET carrier High
OP-Tape S070 Medium PET carrier High
OP-Tape S080 High PET carrier Medium
OP-Tape S090 Low PET carrier High

Available options

Finger lift:                                                              

Release liner: